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ccdamu2MU2-001reviewedTestable 0 0 MU2 prohibits the use of an unstructured document18Section 2.412/23/16 2:59:23 PM by
ccdamu2MU2-002reviewedTestable 0 0 it is recommended to capture the name, identification number, and contact information along with codes to indicate the type of provider and role in the patient’s care27Section 3.2.112/23/16 2:59:23 PM by
ccdamu2MU2-003reviewedTestable 0 0 it is recommended to capture care team member and provider name and contact information data requirements within participants associated with the clinical encounter or service event detailed in the document28Section 3.2.112/23/16 2:59:23 PM by
ccdamu2MU2-004reviewedTestable 0 0 The ToC Initiative has determined the following elements within the componentOf/encompassingEncounter header element are recommended to capture Care Team Members, Provider Names and Contact Information, Date of Visit or Hospitalization Admission and Discharge Dates, and Location of Visit or Hospitalization MU2 data requirements30Section 3.2.212/23/16 2:59:23 PM by
ccdamu2MU2-005reviewedTestable 0 0 The ToC Initiative has determined the following elements within the documentationOf/serviceEvent header element are recommended to capture service event Care Team Members and Provider Names and Contact Information MU2 data requirements31Section 3.2.312/23/16 2:59:23 PM by
ccdamu2MU2-006reviewedTestable 0 0 MU2 constrains the preferred Language code to be drawn from the ISO 639 Part 2 alpha-3 codes limited to those that also have a corresponding alpha-2 code in ISO 639 Part 1. Use of codes with both alpha-3 and alpha-2 codes from the Language value set specified in Consolidated CDA meets this requirement.32Section 3.3.112/23/16 2:59:23 PM by
ccdamu2MU2-007reviewedTestable 0 0 vendors are expected to code the “recordTarget/patientRole/Patient/raceCode” element using the following five categories : American Indian or Alaska Native (1002-5) Asian (2028-9) Black or African American (2054-5) Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (2076-8) White (2106-3). 33Section 3.3.112/23/16 2:59:23 PM by
ccdamu2MU2-008reviewedTestable 0 0 The ToC Initiative has determined the following elements within the recordTarget header element are recommended to capture Patient Name, Sex, Date of Birth, Preferred Language, Race, and Ethnicity MU2 data requirements.33Section 3.3.212/23/16 2:59:23 PM by
ccdamu2MU2-009reviewedTestable 0 0 To capture the care planning data elements, the recommendation is to use the Plan of Care section34Section 3.4.112/23/16 2:59:23 PM by
ccdamu2MU2-010reviewedTestable 0 0 In instances where the diagnostic test pending is a laboratory test, the use of LOINC® vocabulary is required for MU2 compliance.34Section 3.4.112/23/16 2:59:23 PM by
ccdamu2MU2-011reviewedTestable 0 0 Plan of care (2.16.840.1.113883. is recommended to meet MU2 requirements0Section 12/23/16 2:59:23 PM by
ccdamu2MU2-012reviewedTestable 0 0 In Conditions or Concers, Problems must be coded using SNOMED CT® 14 vocabulary36Section 3.5.112/23/16 2:59:23 PM by
ccdamu2MU2-013reviewedTestable 0 0 In Conditions or Concern, Encounter Diagnoses must be coded using either SNOMED CT® or ICD-10-CM vocabularies36Section 3.5.112/23/16 2:59:23 PM by
ccdamu2MU2-014reviewedTestable 0 0 Medication Allergies must be coded using RxNorm36Section 3.5.112/23/16 2:59:23 PM by
ccdamu2MU2-015reviewedTestable 0 0 It is recommended that the Encounters with coded entries required be used in general; however for Hospital Discharge Summary the Hospital Discharge Diagnosis must be used. For the Operative Note and Procedure Note, the Post-operative Diagnosis and Post-procedure Diagnosis could be used respectively.37Section 3.5.212/23/16 2:59:23 PM by
ccdamu2MU2-016reviewedTestable 0 0 Reason for Visit (2.16.840.1.113883. is recommended to be used to describe Reason of Visit MU2 Data requirement38Section 3.5.212/23/16 2:59:23 PM by
ccdamu2MU2-017reviewedTestable 0 0 Immunizations are to be coded using the HL7 Standard Code Set CVX -- Vaccines Administered, with updates through July 11, 201240Section 3.6.112/23/16 2:59:23 PM by
ccdamu2MU2-018reviewedTestable 0 0 Medications and medications administered are to be coded using RxNorm, a standardized nomenclature for clinical drugs produced by the United States National Library of Medicine, August 6, 2012 Release40Section 3.6.112/23/16 2:59:23 PM by
ccdamu2MU2-019reviewedTestable 0 0 Immunizations with coded entries required (2.16.840.1.113883. is recommended by MU2 data requirements41Section 3.6.212/23/16 2:59:23 PM by
ccdamu2MU2-020reviewedTestable 0 0 Recommended medications sections are Medications Administered, Medications with coded entries required, Hospital Admission Medications, and Hospital Discharge Medications with coded entries required 41Section 3.6.212/23/16 2:59:23 PM by