Project: (*)
Language to retrieve the project in if you prefer not to retrieve in the default language: (optional)
Get project as-is (verbatim), with all references resolved (compiled), with all runtime references resolved (runtime), just retrieve filters (test), get (cachemeta), get ADA Definition (ada-definition)
cachemeta is info for ADRESH caching service can determine if it should refresh its cache:
(Releases/versions are precompiled and can only be retrieved as-is)
Force recompile in mode 'compiled' even if a valid previous compilation exists. Useful for testing or if the project itself didn't change, but one of it's connected projects did. Default is false. Force recompile (optional)
Use current compile filter settings if any (false) or ignore any filter settings and do a full compile (true). Default is true. Ignore any filters (optional)
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