CDA Interoperability Testing Platform

Access tools

Tools Version Description
Art-Decor CDA Authoring Tool Retrieve a project
Assertion manager Assertion coverage management
CDAGenerator Access to Gazelle CDA Objects Checker
Current Content Testing Tool Access: EVSClient (use starting on 9/1/2022) Access the current Sequoia Project Content Testing Tool (effective September 1, 2022)
SchematronValidator Access to SchematronValidator tool
Gazelle SVS Simulator The Gazelle SVS Simulator, sharing Value Sets
Gazelle Test Management The Gazelle Test Management Test Bed: Administrative Use Only
sso login Single Sign On login
Legacy Content Testing Report Access: EVSClient (ready only access to reports before 09/01/2022)) Use this link to access legacy content submissions (those submitted prior to 9/1/2022)